About ERIK

About ERIK

Benefit from ERIKBAG

At ERIKBAG, the world is flat. Borders between governments, industries, culture and people have become blurred.
Styles, fashion and designs are no longer regional, but with the click of the mouse they have become global.

This is our inspiration for our 2018 collection.

New York design, but at Promotional price. Our latest corporate
collection is universal. Sleek. Sophisticated . Fresh . Inspiring .
Our bags look and feel like they sell in department stores
for hundreds of dollars, even more. That is our secret! The same fabric, same shapes ,
same attention to detail and great quality. All at promotional price .

Our bags combine fashion and function.
Soft luxurious materials, all beautifully detailed. Simple , yet elegant.
They look fantastic whether embroidered or screen printed.
We have one goal: Bags tailored to your budget and your clients’ tastes.